Jan & Roy Crabb

Jan and I started building our house with McCain Builders in 2014.  We were impressed and pleased with the overall experience.  From Joey’s detailed estimate of the cost to build our house to the pride he and his crews took in building our house.  Joey was very involved in the day to day operations.  We are very pleased with the quality of craftsmanship in our home.  Joey listens to his clients and has great ideas of his own but also worked well with our designer.  Joey has also been awesome in his response to the few minor problems that have come up.  We have and will continue to recommend McCain Builders to others. Jan & Roy Crabb

Kerry & Linda Robb

We chose Joey McCain to build our retirement home on Lake Murray after receiving several very positive referrals from our future neighbors in our lakefront community, touring homes the Joey had built in the neighborhood, and talking with Joey concerning our needs and wants.  It was evident that Joey built a quality house, and that he took great care to proactively communicate with the the home buyer to ensure decisions were made and there were no surprises.  This communication was extremely important to us as we were remaining in our existing home over 500 miles away while our new home was being built, and thus could only visit the construction site every few weeks.  Joey contacted us almost every day during the construction, sent us copious pictures and made sure we were consulted on all decisions.
We found that Joey is an extremely creative builder, bursting with unique design ideas to improve the functionality, comfort, and appearance of the home.  We worked from a beginning design and estimate, and Joey would identify all potential cost changes, lettting us decide when and if to increase costs.  Importantly, Joey built our home on a ‘cost plus fixed builder fee’ basis, so we were in control of construction cost and there was no incentive for the builder to cut cost to improve his profit potential.  We paid all of the material and contractor invoices directly, so we knew exactly what everything cost.  This worked extremely well!
Finally, Joey built for us the retirement home we wanted, with construction standards well above code minimums, materials well above builder spec, and fit and finish well above expectations!  Working with Joey was a great experience, and we could not be happier with the home that Joey built!

Jamison Temples

I moved back to Columbia about 5 years ago after living in Greenville for about 15 years.  I had gotten know Joey McCain, J D McCain Custom Homes when he build my In-Laws home in Lexington about 11 years ago. My wife and I decided that if we couldn’t get Joey to build our home that we would not build!  Joey was a huge asset during all phases of our project from design to final occupancy and we could not have been more pleased.  Having never built before I really didn’t think that we could have accomplished a project that we both loved and to have it finish on time and on budget but working with Joey allowed all of that to happen.  We moved into our house in March of 2014 and loved every bit of it.  Joey not only supported us during the build but also made sure that everything was perfect after we were done, something that is not true of all general contractors.  After being in the house about 2 years we decided that we wanted to be on the lake and again the only call we made was to Joey McCain of J D McCain Custom Homes.  We had sold our other home and were renting it back so we had a very tight construction deadline that Joey was able to meet.  I am proud to say that we LOVE the new house even more than the other and are planning on staying here for a long time to come.  Joey has a unique sense of style and taste and really helps you avoid pitfalls and think outside of the box of typical construction.  The details of both of the houses that Joey built for use are not ones that you see with your typical national builder or even most custom builders and  It is my opinion that if you are looking for a builder to build your dream house then you need look no farther than Joey McCain, J D McCain Custom Homes.

Sayle & Anne Lewis

When we were looking for a builder for our home on Lake Murray, Joey McCain was recommended to us by our son-in- law’s parents. We met Joey at our home site on the lake one Saturday morning for a quick meeting that stretched into nearly three hours. We immediately felt comfortable with Joey. Though we did meet other builders we knew Joey was best for us. Since then we could not be more pleased with our choice. Joey assisted us with finalizing our house plans and prepared a very detailed budget with specifications for our home. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He has offered suggestions on finishes and details but always attentive to our preferences and budget. When Joey was recommended to us, my son-in- law’s father commented that Joey is very meticulous. He was correct. Joey and Sid have visited our house almost daily being sure everyone’s work meets their and our expectations. The sub- contractors that Joey uses are all craftsmen. We have met every contractor at some point and everyone is very knowledgeable, polite and skilled at their particular trade. Their knowledge and skill shows in the finished product. Joey has scheduled every sub-contractor for our home with precision which has resulted in minimal time when no work was being performed. Every activity and contractor has been coordinated so each contractor has followed the other. As a result our home has been completed on schedule within the time frame estimated before we began. We would absolutely recommend Joey McCain. The best recommendation we can give is that if we were building another home, we would ask Joey McCain to be our builder again.