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  1. When you design your own house plan you can add the special custom touches that are important to you and that only you want. You need to be with a professional builder with experience that knows how to add the special touches and complete them. If you buy or choose a stock plan that a building company has built a 1000 times you are only getting what that company wants you to get with no special touches. It’s easy to add or change the design of your home during construction when you are dealing with an experience builder that doesn’t mind making a few changes to make your dream home a reality for you.

J D McCain is a very experienced home builder that pays attention to detail and has unique and creative ideas to improve the appearance and functionality of your new home. He is an onsite builder and very involved in the day to day operations of the building process.

J D McCain charges a flat builder fee for custom home building. This means there is no incentive for the builder to cut cost or use cheap undependable labor to improve his bottom line.

Contact J D McCain and come into the office for a visit. I doesn’t cost anything to set down for an hour and ask questions.

J D McCain only builds 4 to 6 custom house a year. This gives the builder time to stay on top of each house during construction and pay close attention to detail that you deserve in your new custom home. Some building companies build as many house in a year as they can to improve their bottom line at the end of the year.

I offer a two year warranty on electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

I offer a standard 10 year structural warranty for footers, foundation and structural load bearing beams and walls.