First Step:

We will first discuss the style, size and design of the home and make sure it fits your building budget. We will talk about the interior and exterior finishes of you home and the custom touches you would like to have.

We will discuss the plan design process and the cost of a complete set of house plans. A complete set of house plans will be needed to provide and accurate building budget. All plan design will take place at our Irmo office from start to finish.

We will talk about the cost of your house plans and the deposit required to start and complete your house plan.

We will discuss preliminary build cost and deposits required by J D McCain Custom Homes for custom services he provides.

Services provided:

  1. Meet with client at their build lot and evaluate home site location and water drainage.
  2. Complete plan design
  3. Complete building budget
  4. Complete set of building specifications
  5. Complete set of allowances
  6. Meet with surveyor and get house setup on the lot.

The second step is to meet with our plan designer in our office and start creating your custom house plan. Plan design from start to finish can take 3 to 5 weeks depending on how many changes are made to the house plan.

This meeting is a very important and will require 2 to 3 hours of your time at our office. At this meeting we will have a complete set of house plans and we will discuss in detail the custom items and finishes you will want in your new home. This information is most important and will be used to put together an accurate building budget. All interior and exterior finishes for the house will be discussed at this time.

At this time we will have a complete building budget and specifications that will be needed to build your new home. This information is also required by the bank if there is a bank involved in the project. At this meeting we will discuss the building cost of your new home. You will receive all budget and specification information and will be able to see what is going into your new home and what you are paying for.

Once you have given us the ok to move forward with the project we will break ground and start the build process.

Once the house is complete the builder and new home owner will do a walk through to make sure everything is in place and ready for move in.