Our Building Process

At J D McCain Custom Homes we understand that the building process can be a little confusing and maybe even a little intimidating at first so we like to take our time and sit down with you and explain the building process step by step and answer any questions you may have.

The Preliminary House Plan & Building Lot
First we meet and discuss the size of the house you want to build and make sure the house will fit on your lot. If it’s possible we like you to bring your house plan and lot plat to the first meeting so we can see how the house will sit on your lot. If you do not have a plat of your building lot we can help you with that and have a surveyor create you a plat of your property. If you do not have a house plan we can help you with that. After meeting we can do a lot visit to evaluate you home site and better understand your ideas and vision of how you want your house to sit and look on your lot.

Construction Cost
We will discuss your building budget and construction cost and make sure that your budget will build the house you want. Construction cost for a custom home can very depending on the interior and exterior finishes. We have over 20 years of budgeting and estimating experience and understands what it takes to keep a house in budget.

Your House Plan
We will meet in our office and take a look at your house plan and go over your ideas. If you do not have a house plan J D can help you with building ideas and setup a meeting with a local plan designer to start drawing your house plan.

House Questions
Once we have a complete house plan we will discuss the interior and exterior finishes in detail and gather the information needed from you to create an accurate building budget and specifications. Also at this time we would like to see all of the pictures you have collected over the years so we can better understand the finishes you expect in your new custom home.

Interior Designer
J D McCain Custom Homes can help you with a local interior designer that can help you make selections like brick, shingles, tile, granite, light fixtures, hardware and many different items and colors. This is a big help for stay home moms and professionals with very little spare time.

Vendors & Suppliers
This is the time to get an idea about the cost of the many different items and materials that will be used during the building process of your house. Now is the time to decide how much you want to spend on items like light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, flooring, appliances and much more. This information will be used to help create and accurate building budget and help you stay in budget while taking all of the guess work out. There’s no need to finalize all of your selections this early in the building process but knowing what you have to spend and staying with that number later will help keep you in your building budget. A list of all of our Custom Home’s vendor’s and their contact information will be supplied at the beginning of the process.

Building Budget
The building budget is a list of all cost of building materials and labor for construction of the house.
Building Specifications
The building specifications describes each line item on the building budget and is detailed information of all materials, labor and finishes going into the house.

Start of Construction
After all of the budgeting and contract work is complete we can break ground and start building your new custom home. We like and invites the owners to be on site as much as possible during the building process to be able to discuss important details about the house and to understand what’s coming up next for selections.

House Complete
Once the house is complete we will walk through the house with you and explain how different items work and operate before you move in. He will give you a callout list of all the contractors that worked on the house and vendors that supplied materials for the house. Time to move in.